5 Reasons You Should Buy A Contract-Free Samsung Phone

5 Reasons You Should Buy A Contract-Free Samsung Phone

Do you want to buy a contract-free Samsung phone? Cell Clinic is here to explain the five greatest benefits of buying a contract-free Samsung phone. Review this article to learn everything you need to know before you make a cell phone purchase.

Smartphone options are continously increasing. Thus, it has became quite challenging to pick the best phone that best matches your lifestyle. This statement is true especially when it comes to selecting a phone carrier and coverage. Perhaps you have already considered a contract-free or unlocked Samsung phone?

Well, contract-free smartphones are phones that are not tethered to any specific phone carrier and can work with almost every carrier available in any city, country – worldwide. So, buying a contract-free Samsung phone means you will have the freedom to choose your favourite carrier networks and customize your phone as per your taste. Not only that, there are so many other benefits of having a contract-free Samsung phone.

Here are the five key benefits of buying a contract-free Samsung phone for yourself today.

#1 Contract Free Means Money Saving

Contract Free Means Money SavingYes – contract-free Samsung phones do have a higher upfront price than a carrier bound phone. But you should further consider the costs, because carriers actually finance the phone and add it to your monthly bill. So although it seems at first like a cheaper option, you will actually end up paying more in the end with a carrier-bound Samsung phone. The same goes with the contract fees and other charges that come with a network termed based phone plan.

#2 Switch Carriers Quickly With No Worries

Switch Carriers Quickly With No Worries

One of the most obvious benefits associated with a contract-free Samsung phone is that there is “No Commitment.” Yes, if you feel you’re not satisfied with one carrier network, you can hop to another network anytime – when you have a contract-free Samsung phone. Contract-free Samsung phones are perfect for those users who are not set or unsure of the carrier network they want to use.

#3 Perfect For Travelers

Perfect For TravelersSome networks have special plans for international travellers. But some users find it more useful to have a contract-free Samsung phone to use with a foreign sim card when travelling. You can buy a local sim card and use that with an in-country contract-free phone to save unnecessary roaming charges. Also, please note that the home carrier networks generally charge very high for calling and text messaging when you’re on international roaming – which sometimes can occur by accident, even if you have arranged a plan prior to traveling. Thus,  it’s good to get a contract-free Samsung phone upfront if you’re travelling frequently.

#4 Perfect For Those Who Want The Newest Tech

Perfect For Those Who Want The Newest TechAre you a kind of person who frequently upgrades his/her phone as soon as new phone models launch? If yes then a contract-free phone is probably best for you. The contract free option gives you the freedom to buy the phone outright and the ability to resell it when a new model comes out that you have your eye on. With carrier bound phones, you are stuck on a carrier’s plan possibly for years, while you pay off your contract bound financed phone.

#5 High Resale Value

Finally, if you decide to sell your contract free Samsung phone, it will be much easier for you to do so. Also, you will be able to sell your mobile device at a higher rate than a carrier bound Samsung phone. In fact, your carrier won’t allow you to sell your device until the contract you’ve signed with your carrier expires or has been paid off.

Visit Cell Clinic Shop online – or one of two British Columbia thrift stores edmonton, in downtown Vancouver or in Surrey – and explore the wide selection of pre-owned contract-free Samsung phones. All Samsung phone models are unblocked and in excellent condition. You will also get a six months warranty on the purchase, with a 30 days money back guarantee. So, if you will feel unsatisfied with your purchase, you can get your money back.

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