5 Ways To Avoid A Sewer Or Drain Cleaning Scam


While there are many drain and sewer cleaning companies out there who are ethical, there are a few unethical companies who spoil the reputation of all drain and sewer cleaning companies. Many of these unethical companies will solicit customers over the phone. It is a good idea to be able to identify the signs that can help you from becoming the victim or a scam or paying for services that you don’t need.

1 Be Able to Spot the Wrong Questions That the Company Will Ask

Many unethical drain cleaning companies will hire a telemarketer to reach out to potential customers. Many of these companies will train their employees to spot a person who will be susceptible to their scam. If you get a call from a drain cleaning service and they ask if your husband is at home or if they ask about your marital status, they are likely looking for a newly single woman who doesn’t know much about sewer and drain cleaning services. If a representative for a drain cleaning service asks you these questions, you should hang up.

2 Beware of Planted Evidence

Employees who work for unethical drain cleaning services are actually encouraged to plant evidence to make the problem appear more serious than it actually is. These companies will often send two employees to the home. One will stay with you, getting all of your information while the other employee inspects the drains. An unethical company will spread dirt in specific spots, so that they can claim that a sewer pipe has broken, forcing the dirt to the surface. Some employees will place rocks in the cleanouts or house traps, so stoppages in the line will occur. This will give the tech the opportunity to convince you that your pipes need to be jetted and video inspected.

3 Watch Out for Reruns

Most drain cleaning companies who use video to do inspections will do the job correctly, and show you the actual video footage of your drains. Unfortunately, there are some techs who are unethical. They will show you a pre-taped video of a pipe that is in poor condition so that you spend the money necessary to make the repairs. To keep this from happening, have the tech videotape a distinguishing area in your home so that you can be sure that the video being taken is actually of your pipes.

4 Do Research on the Company

If you want to be sure that you are hiring an ethical drain and sewer cleaning service, you should do your homework. The first place to check is the Better Business Bureau. If the company is registered, the BBB will give them a grade based on their service record. There are also websites which allow you to read reviews from the company’s former customers. Angie’s List and Yelp are two reputable review sites. If a business has a good grade with the Better Business Bureau and excellent reviews from former customers, they are likely trustworthy.
In order to avoid wasting money on a drain or sewer cleaning that you really don’t even need, you should know how to spot the business practices of an unethical company. If you are aware of the 5 ways to avoid a sewer or drain cleaning scam, you will have peace of mind that any work they do is absolutely necessary.

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