6 Advanced SEO Techniques Used By Internet Marketing Firms

Search Engine optimization

Internet marketing firms utilize advanced SEO techniques to grow traffic to websites. Businesses employ search engine optimization (SEO) to establish a robust digital presence – they achieve this by associating specific keywords and topics related to their business.

Here are six advanced SEO techniques Michigan companies that can boost consumer traffic by enabling a company to appear higher on the search engine results list – the ultimate goal of an SEO strategy.

1. Use links in company content that connect to high domain authorities

According to the criteria of most search engines, including Google, connecting content to high authority domains improves content trustworthiness. A great place to look for high domain authorities is on the site Alltop.

2. Link high SEO-result content to low SEO-result content

By connecting content that appears on only the second or third page of search results to content that appears more frequently – on the first page – a company can pass on Link Juice, which refers to linking high results content to low results content. Search engines detect content’s connection to high-quality content and then assume the connected content quality is likely to be of high quality, too.

3. Employ internal deep linking techniques

Deep linking refers to the multiple connections between content found on other pages of a company’s website. Then, a search engine detects the depth of a site’s content, indexing the information, and thereby enabling consumers to travel to multiple connected pages in rapid succession – more traffic and views across your site.

4. Post content that gains traction on social media

Often, using high-volume keywords in isolation doesn’t mean a high domain authority. For strong results, creating social media content can provide additional credibility beyond keyword usage. However, utilize high authority social media platforms —not sites with inconsistent quality such as Facebook or Twitter.

5. Release content that contains a high word count

Backlinko, an SEO blog, researched over one million search engine results and found a direct correlation between the number of words used and traffic growth. In other words, the higher, the better. In fact, content with more than 1,800 words showed better results than low wordcount content.

Search engines see length of content as an indicator of depth and quality, particularly regarding content that requires some level of background research. Be warned, length without valuable detail will not outrank low information-dense content. So, most instances, extended content performs better than short material.

6. Utilize infographics to grow traffic

Using infographics in unison with text content usually generates significantly more digital traffic than pure text content. By generating more traffic, search engine results will, in turn, see a boost.

Final thoughts on advanced SEO techniques MI

Advanced SEO techniques Michigan companies should include infographic usage, deep linking, high domain authority outbound linking, high SEO-content to low SEO-content linking, high authority social media content release, and high word count content release to witness growth in site traffic. Ultimately, implementing our top six advanced SEO techniques will create an effective SEO strategy for your business.

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