Asset Management for Maintenance Service Providers



There are many companies or service providers that offers services that concern asset management for maintenance. One of such companies or service providers is DBI service providers. They provide comprehensive maintenance, operations and transportation infrastructure management services to its clients who range from large industries, utilities, railroads, government authorities, construction companies and concession companies. DBI has managed to create an exquisite track record of excellent performance that spans over 35 years of experience. They have managed to complete large and hard performance based contracts. Through all this, they have managed to create and maintain a reputation and name as being one of the best if not the best service organizations in the whole of North America.

One of the attributes that has made DBI an exquisite company is that it believes in partnering. They maintain and expect open and frequent communication between itself and its partners. The goal of this efficient communication is to work towards making the partnership a success with cost effective outcomes. The staff of DBI is ingrained to be receptive, professional and responsive to the input for the public and its partners at all times.


The way DBI provides its partners comprehensive maintenance services and transportation infrastructure management is through its expertise that extends to the operations and management of assets. It also helps to maintain and reconstruct assets. Some of the projects of DBI include demand maintenance, routine maintenance, preventive maintenance and capital reconstruction. DBI has experienced management systems and project professionals that help ensure DBI works at its optimum best every time and at the right time. This helps them preserve the assets it is managing. DBI has tailored its maintenance and management programs to be responsive to any unique aspects of any project. Through DBI’s diversification and years of growth, it has been able to gain direct experience and extensive knowledge that is vital in all aspects of asset management.


DBI is an intelligent company as it aware of the challenges that are experienced in North America due to the form of infrastructure in North America. Some of the problems include the need for increased funding, the need to reverse the deferred maintenance and the need for more additional capacity. DBI fully and adequately P3 and are supporters of the process as it spreads its wing in North America. Due to its thirty-five years of experience, it has the capability to manage a company’s assets easily. It is also the ultimate choice for such services, DBI eliminates the need for a company to look for another company that offers the same services that DBI offers. It adequately fulfills all operations and management requirements.

DBI has been proven to assist and help in the P3 process at any point of the process to the end of process which is proposal submission from the insipient project investigation during the P3 project negotiations or afterwards. DBI has unrivalled and unmatched staff that is experienced and also has extensive knowledge of all aspects of operations and maintenance management from the insipient stages of the project through operations.

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