Benefits of Owning a Single Shot Rifle

single shot rifle

Many shooters might wonder about the reasons why single shot rifles are still relevant when technology has evolved to bring us repeating rifles and semiautomatic ones. But there are many advantages to owning a single shotgun.

First of all, they are simple. There are no feeding issues to be concerned about, the rifle is either loaded or unloaded. Extraction and ejection are straightforward and mechanically easy. This eliminates some concerns that might exist when using a repeating rifle. Single shots are minimalistic, traditional-looking rifles. They look like an example of its maker’s skills, rather than a complicated piece of machinery.

Secondly, they enforce discipline on the first shot. When the shooter is aware there is only one shot to be fired, he or she will feel compelled to make that shot count. This encourages riflemen and hunters to practice a lot, to take their time and choose their shots carefully.

Thirdly, single shot rifles are ideal for teaching new shooters and hunters. They’re perfect for introducing older children to the world of firearms and teaching them how to shoot accurately. The simplicity of these guns allows the novices to concentrate on precision, rather than being distracted by the option of repeating fire.

Single shot rifles are more compact and feature an overall shorter length. They are trim and slim, as they are not loaded up with the burden of a magazine. What’s more, these rifles are about 3 inches shorter than other rifles with similar barrel lengths. They are overall slimmer, shorter, and lighter than other rifles while remaining just as strong, if not even stronger.

Lastly, single shot rifles are more accurate. Many of their users praise their accuracy in comparison to magazine bolt rifles. Magazine fed rifles have a large hole at the bottom of the receives, which makes the magazine bolt more flexible. This, in turn, makes the shot less accurate than a single shot bolt.

Owning a single shot rifle comes with many benefits. And these benefits are available to nearly everyone, as single shot rifles come in almost every price range, from affordable to high-end customs. They are available in a large variety of calibers as well. From rimfire calibers up to the .700 Nitro and the four-bore and eight-bore elephant hammers, single shot rifles work for almost every situation possible. While many other, more advanced designs have been lost and forgotten in the abyss of firearms history, the single shot has endured over the centuries. For those looking to buy a simple, classic firearm, our store offers single shot rifles for sale online. Next time you go hunting or head to the range, leave the mag guns at home and make that one-shot count.

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