‘The Process of Making Women’s Custom Suits’ – Guest Post

Making custom suits for women entails a different process to making suits for men. For one thing, women’s bodies are obviously different to men’s in fundamental ways. We therefore require our own sizing templates and methods. It’s not good enough to just squeeze us into men’s formats, which is what a lot of custom companies do. What clients usually end up with in that case is a pretty ill-fitting suit or blazer. Going through the process of being squeezed into a men’s custom template might even be enough to turn a…

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Maximizing Warehouse Storage with Double Deep Pallet Racks

Are you running out of space in your warehouse? Do you want to be able to fit more storage into your current premises? Consider using double deep pallet racks to increase the efficiency of your storage areas. They are a cost-effective way to increase your storage space without having to expand your warehouse. What are double deep pallet racks? A double deep pallet rack provides the space to store two pallets, one behind the other. This system allows you to increase the density of your storage and make better use…

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Samuel Colt: Inventor, Hunter, and Businessman

Two Old Metal Colt Revolver

Samuel Colt was an American inventor, businessman, and hunter, born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1814. He is famous for founding Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company, a company known today as Colt’s Manufacturing Company. One of Colt’s earliest belongings was a flintlock pistol, which belonged to John Caldwell, his maternal grandfather who was an army officer. Through the manufacture of his Colt guns, he made the mass production of revolvers commercially feasible. Today, there are Colt guns for sale all around the world. Colt’s Early Revolver Designs Samuel Colt received his…

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Benefits of Owning a Single Shot Rifle

single shot rifle

Many shooters might wonder about the reasons why single shot rifles are still relevant when technology has evolved to bring us repeating rifles and semiautomatic ones. But there are many advantages to owning a single shotgun. First of all, they are simple. There are no feeding issues to be concerned about, the rifle is either loaded or unloaded. Extraction and ejection are straightforward and mechanically easy. This eliminates some concerns that might exist when using a repeating rifle. Single shots are minimalistic, traditional-looking rifles. They look like an example of…

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The Credit Card Knife that Fits in Your Wallet

folding knife

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a James Bond style knife you could fit in your wallet? Now you can! Not only that there is a whole bunch of cool designs on these credit card knives. The credit card knife is a design of pocket knife that provides the shape and approximate size of a credit card and is thin enough to fit securely in your wallet. The knives are available as great multi-tools, replacing the need for a pocket knife that feels too bulky in your pocket, but you…

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Shelving Mezzanines and Catwalks: All You Need to Know

commercial warehouse

Other than safety, there is nothing of greater value in a working warehouse than space. Space creates the possibility for flawless organization, neatly stacked shelves, and a seamless work process. When all aspects are running as they should, productivity goes up. Studies show that employees who work in an organized environment are happier. Of course, we want to make space inside a warehouse not by building out and crowding the floor, but by building up. The easiest way to do this is by using shelving mezzanines and catwalks. What are…

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