How to get Relief from Back Pain

back pain

For several reasons including spinal discs misalignment, weak back muscles, injuries, diseases and infections, back pain affects people of all ages. It gets worse as we grow older. Let’s discuss some of the most effective back pain remedies for you.


These are the most popular back pain remedies in West Bloomfield, MI for many patients.

Back pain medicines range from pain relief tablets to nerve-pain medications, anti-inflammatory gels, and muscle relaxers. Most are available over the counter, but for some, you require a medical prescription to purchase.

In severe back pain, a doctor might inject steroids or anesthetic agents. These injections target the spine, back, and neck. Depending on the target locations, a doctor can use a guiding machine (fluoroscopy) to guide the needle on the exact injection point.

Medicines are not the best back pain remedies because they tend to overlook the root cause of your pain and offer temporary relief.

Moreover, unless the problem is identified and treated, the situation only gets worse over time.
Some of the medications also have negative side effects, and the most common is developing dependency with time.

back pain remedies

Soft-Tissue and Muscle Therapies

For some reason, not many people seek this option. Chiropractors and orthopedic doctors offer these options to relieve back pain.

The sessions are usually uncomfortable and sometimes painful, especially at the beginning. However, with time, the massage begins to work as you body starts relaxing and your back gets back into proper alignment, and you start experiencing relief.

These therapies include the use of hands to massage and release tension on your back muscles, electric gadgets such as the TENS unit to stimulate and reduce pain in your nerves, and radiofrequency therapy.

If your back pain results from a misaligned spine, muscle tension, and poor joint coordination, this is the best cure for you. The sessions target specific causes. After you heal, you need to maintain a healthy back by either booking future maintenance sessions occasionally or exercising at home.

In severe conditions, we recommend a trained physical therapist to guide you in stretching and exercising. The aim is to strengthen your back support muscles, further reduce your pain, and improve motion range.

Traditional Chinese medicine

Lately, people have embraced alternative medicine, and with back pain, acupuncture takes the lead. This needle therapy targets your back nerves. The needles are gently inserted into your skin, and after a few sessions, your pain is reduced significantly.

The process is not painful at all.

In conclusion

The above back pain remedies work for most people. However, if you continue experiencing the pain, your physician might advise a surgical procedure.

Eventually, the pain goes away, especially for younger people.

However, it takes time to heal, and therefore, you need to be patient and consistent with your treatment option.

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