Get the Sky High Thrill of a Hen’s Do in Koh Samui

Get the Sky High Thrill of a Hen’s Do in Koh Samui

There is a bit of thrill linked up with having a hen’s party. Or rather, a lot of thrill, if one may say so. And if this hen’s do is happening in Koh Samui in Thailand, the thrill quotient goes up sky-high! Why? Well, there certainly seems to be a special something about this small isle that enthralls any tourist here to just let his or her hair down and party away with all their heart and soul.

You name a way to have fun, and you have it at Koh Samui. For starters, take Thai cooking demonstration classes. One can get extremely versatile chefs to give you spot on recipes and little nuggets of information which will make your dishes really stand out. Then are the really relaxing spa therapies put up on the block in this island. Be it the Bandara Spa or Dr Fish or even the Natural Wing Spa. Right from differing varieties of facial scrubs to hot stone therapy to gurra rufa or doctor fish foot massages, you name the treatment and you have it right there for your hen’s day out about town.

Then are the real deals which are right up any girl’s street. A few rounds of retail therapy in some of the local markets which are totally stocked up with hip and fashionable clothes and accessories for the jettisoning swish set crowd. The hair accessories range which one gets here is truly something different from what one can pick up from any other country in the rest of the world. Butterfly clips, plastic flowers, hair bands and bandannas, all in variations of vibrant hues are available right there before your very eyes. The stuff one picks up form here is something which the street shoppers will treasure for a long time to come. Not to mention the colorful bags, shoes, and cosmetic items which one can get from the numerous outlets here. Anything and everything right from statement pieces to something which is not totally haute couture but still is designer level in the real sense of the word, can be purchased at Koh Samui.

The fun package, to create memories which last an entire lifetime, only gets further enhanced by little acts of seeing or even trying your luck at different activities like pole dancing. Also, one’s surprise element could be getting a VIP status in certain clubs for your gourmet meals. For the all-female cast of the hen’s parties, you have some really exotic bars where the girlie gang can really get pepped up. For one, is the world’s first ever tropical -7 degrees centigrade bar, fully made with ice. The entire structure, right from its walls, to sculptures and even seats are fashioned out of ice. This experience, starting from being jacketed up in layers of woollies to sipping shots from glasses of ice, to having a really sumptuous meal replete with the best of the seafood dishes available anywhere on planet earth, is actually worth going in for.

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