How to Optimize Your Web Forms for More Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing Qualified Leads
Getting information on qualified leads is essential for inbound marketing success. Many successful marketers use web forms to capture lead data and increase their sales and conversions. Obtaining data from qualified leads can help your business understand more about your buyer persona and how to market to them effectively. Using a web-based form builder can help you access information on your marketing qualified leads, but how can you entice the right people to fill out your web form? In today’s article, we’ll cover how you can optimize your web forms for marketing qualified leads.
What is the first step in optimizing your web forms?
Having leads is good, but for optimum conversion rates, you want your leads to marketing qualified leads. Marketing qualified leads, or MQLs, are leads that are considered more likely to be a targeted customer based. Closed-loop analytics and lead intelligence often determine who is an MQL and who isn’t.So, the first step you need to take before using a web-based form builder is to identify and define your MQL. It’s not possible to optimize your web forms for MQLs if you don’t know who they are and how to speak to them in the first place. What activities, demographics, or behaviors make up an MQL for your particular company?For example, if you sell a location-dependent product or service, you probably don’t want to waste time nurturing leads at the bottom of your sales funnel if they are based in a different country.

Learn to speak in your target customer’s language.

Once you know who your MQLs are, you want to ask questions in your web forms that resonate with them. Asking questions that resonate with your ideal buyer can help you identify and target more MQLs with your web forms. Determine what questions you need to ask on your web forms to filter unqualified leads from MQLs. It can be more important for your business goals to qualify leads by their demographics. For example, let’s say you own a property management business that services landlords in southern Florida, but you’ve been getting too many unqualified leads from out-of-state. You could ask a question in your web form like, “Do you own a rental property in southern Florida?”

Make sure the form is easy to understand and quick to complete.

People are more pressed for time than ever before, and consumers value convenience. It’s best to keep your web form short and to-the-point. Avoid including questions that aren’t necessary or aligned with your marketing goals. Submission rates will suffer if you try to use a long or complicated web form to capture marketing qualified lead information. It’s possible to ask yourleads more questions once they get closer to the bottom of your sales funnel, but not at the beginning stages.

Use a mobile-friendly and adaptable web form interface to capture more leads.

You want to give your marketing qualified leads the opportunity to fill out your web form, no matter where they are or what device they are using. When choosing a web-based form builder to market to MQLs, make sure that the forms it generates are mobile-friendly. More and more people are starting to access and browse the internet with mobile devices, so you don’t want to miss out on their engagement. Optimizing your web forms for more marketing qualified leads is an effective way to increase your customer base and ultimately, your sales numbers. When choosing a web-based form builder, make sure that the forms it generates will meet your business goals and your leads’ expectations.

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