Maximizing Warehouse Storage with Double Deep Pallet Racks

Are you running out of space in your warehouse? Do you want to be able to fit more storage into your current premises? Consider using double deep pallet racks to increase the efficiency of your storage areas. They are a cost-effective way to increase your storage space without having to expand your warehouse.

What are double deep pallet racks?

A double deep pallet rack provides the space to store two pallets, one behind the other. This system allows you to increase the density of your storage and make better use of your space. Each rack also incorporates guide rails to help drivers access product safely.

Double deep pallet racks work best in conjunction with a “last-in-first-out” stock rotation system. We also recommend that you store the same items on each rack to make it easier for your warehouse team to locate and pick a product.

What are the benefits of double deep pallet racks?

There are several advantages of using double deep pallet racks.

Double deep pallet racks are a cost-effective way to increase storage space. Installing double deep pallet racks is far less expensive than expanding your existing floor space or renting dance floor additional premises.

They are easily reconfigurable and customizable. You can select different frames, profiles, and adjustable beam levels if required. You can also select from a range of pallet sizes to ensure you can store your product safely.

Using a double deep pallet rack system also provides the means to store similar products together which, in turn, can make them easier to locate.

Who are double deep pallet racks best suited for?

A double deep pallet rack system works best for companies whose products have a relatively long shelf life.
The “first-in-last-out” nature of accessing product from within a double deep pallet rack system requires an efficient, rigorous stock rotation system to ensure items aren’t accidentally left to spoil.

The viability of a double deep pallet rack system in your warehouse is also largely dependent on the forklift technology you currently use. Only forklift trucks with extending forks or side forks can access product on double deep pallet racks.

The system also works particularly well for companies who supply a smaller range of products but tend to move them in large quantities.

If you would like to source this space-saving technology for your business, search online for a reputable supplier of double deep pallet racks in Michigan.

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