Memorial Options for Cremated Remains

There are many memorial options for cremated remains, and one thing that remains true – every memorial is unique to the individuals involved. One of the most common decisions to make is what happens with the cremation gold crowns before or after the cremation process.

Gold Crowns and the Cremation Process

It is impossible to retain any cremation gold crowns after the cremation process because of the high temperatures. The lower the purity of gold, the lower the melting temperature and the quicker they melt down. At the end of the cremation process, any gold or metal that remains with the body will be indistinguishable amongst the cremated remains.

Alkaline Hydrolysis or Water Cremation

Alkaline Hydrolysis is an alternative cremation process where water instead of flames to reduce the body. Water cremation results in ashes or powdered bone fragments, but the advantage is that any non-organic material will be recoverable after the process. Things like dental work, joint replacements, and implanted metals can either be returned to the family for memorial purposes or recycled and a designated location that offers such services.

Remove Gold Crowns Before Cremation

Before the cremation process, one option is to remove any gold crowns to prevent them from being melted in the process. Some people choose to remove gold crowns to place with the ashes after the cremation process. People also remove the gold crowns to recycle them at designated recycling companies. Another option is to melt down the gold crowns to create memorial jewelry out of them.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is commonly known as memorial or remembrance jewelry. This type of jewelry is an excellent way to remember a loved one. The variety and style of jewelry options are endless, resulting in a personalized keepsake after cremation.

Cremation jewelry can be created using a person’s ashes or cremation gold crowns. Glass blowing techniques can convert human ashes into glass or even diamonds, providing a unique piece of material to use within the jewelry.

Recycle Gold Crowns

Another option is to recycle cremation gold crowns with a recycling company specializing in metal obtained from the crematory and cemetery industries. These companies will melt the metal down before recovering it, maintaining a dignified and lawful method. Usually, anyone who chooses this option receives monetary compensation for cremation gold crowns and other metal from the deceased.

Choosing the Right Option

The entire cremation process and memorialization is a highly individualized one for loved ones. Cremation gold crowns are only one aspect of the whole process and may provide an opportunity to create a timeless memorial for that loved one.

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