Shelving Mezzanines and Catwalks: All You Need to Know

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Other than safety, there is nothing of greater value in a working warehouse than space. Space creates the possibility for flawless organization, neatly stacked shelves, and a seamless work process. When all aspects are running as they should, productivity goes up.

Studies show that employees who work in an organized environment are happier. Of course, we want to make space inside a warehouse not by building out and crowding the floor, but by building up. The easiest way to do this is by using shelving mezzanines and catwalks.

What are they?

Let’s start with a quick breakdown for those of you who may be new to the subject. Shelving mezzanines are essentially a system of shelving units made to build your warehouse up vertically and utilize every piece of space that you have available.

Catwalks are built up as well, providing walking space and stairs for employees to easily access all stored inventory or equipment. Made of high-quality materials, from decking wood to galvanized plank grating, shelving mezzanines and catwalks form an open, well-lighted system for your employees to work quickly and safely.

Can I make it work for my space and budget?

Yes, of course! There are a couple of different ways for a company to build a system of shelving mezzanines and catwalks in your warehouse.

You can build units all the way to the ceiling, or you can build up to a platform, creating what is basically a second level within the warehouse. Both methods of construction are practical space savers, and no matter what you decide, you will be thrilled with the results when finished.

There are ways to build up for any budget, and you’ll find that you can save some serious cash by doing a quick internet search to buy shelving mezzanines and catwalks online.

How can I be sure my new mezzanine and catwalk system is safe?

Unless you’ve decided to shoot from the hip and purchase an entire system from Craig’s List to install yourself, you can guarantee that the installation of your new shelving mezzanines and catwalks are completely compliant with obligatory safety standards.

You will want to make sure before your new system is installed, that all these safety standards are strictly enforced. The shelving company you choose should adhere to all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) guidelines, comply with the Building Official and Code Administrators (BOCA), and meet the standards of the Uniform Building Code (UBC).

How soon can I have my new system installed?

You can start plans for installation right away! If you’re lacking in warehouse space and finding your employees frustrated by the constant requirement to search through piles of inventory to locate what they need, then shelving mezzanines and catwalks are perfect for you.

True space savers that look clean and controlled, shelving mezzanines and catwalks will help you build your warehouse or workspace to where it needs to be. They are the ultimate solution to keep time, space, and safety on your side.

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