Asset Management for Maintenance Service Providers


ASSET MANAGEMENT FOR MAINTENANCE SERVICE PROVIDERS There are many companies or service providers that offers services that concern asset management for maintenance. One of such companies or service providers is DBI service providers. They provide comprehensive maintenance, operations and transportation infrastructure management services to its clients who range from large industries, utilities, railroads, government authorities, construction companies and concession companies. DBI has managed to create an exquisite track record of excellent performance that spans over 35 years of experience. They have managed to complete large and hard performance based contracts.…

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Offshoring in Asset Management Industry

OFFSHORING IN ASSET MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY In this article we are going to discuss offshoring in asset management industry. There are a couple of six questions a person or company needs to ask himself before selecting an asset management industry service provider. Over the past thirty years, outsourcing has been used by business firms as a business strategy across the world. Outsourcing has though been limited in the asset management industry to non-core activities that are outsourced to record keepers, transfer agents, fund accountants and custodians.

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Setting Up Capital Asset Management

Applications Available for Setting Up Capital Asset Management There are applications available for Setting Up Capital Asset Management that will help you save valuable time, money, and hassle. It is a great idea if you understand how the system setup works. Understanding will help you achieve the best configuration for your business. Setting Up Capital Asset Management is a great investment for the future of any business whether large or small. Capital Asset Management features include fixed assets, equipment management, work order, failure analysis, case management, maintenance Planning, and more.

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