Ten things to know before choosing cheap replacement windows


It is a fact that contractor or builder grade windows are more cost effective. As a rule, all items which bear the architectural grade’ name tend to cost more. Thus, try to avoid these unless and until you really wish for them.

  1. There is a misnomer that builder grade products are not really up to the mark.
  2. Some windows come with extra add-on features in them which may or may not be required. For example, between glass shades, exterior glass, integrated grilles – all such features are not all that necessary.
  3. It is possible to go in for bargaining at most stores which deal with replacement windows. One can try to haggle and get a good discount if we really put our minds to it. it is only certain stores which do not encourage this practice.
  4. It is true that the raw material which goes into making the window will increase or decrease its price accordingly. For instance, vinyl will be more cost effective as compared to fiberglass.
  5. If a window is oddly or differently shaped, chances are that it will cost more. Anything which is out of the mill will cost a bigger package than something which is normal and ordinary. Thus, unless you really wish to go a different route altogether, it is best to go in for something which is more of the norm. For example, hexagon shaped windows or those which are circular in shape will cost more than the usual rectangular or square ones.
  6. Authorized dealers who are exclusively dealing in one brand will ask for more. They have the regulations and the necessary stamps to go with their product line, but these are priced higher. Those which have more of variety will cost lesser.
  7. Do not be in a hurry to select your windows. Take your time over it. If you research well, there is a good chance of finding something which is truly of good quality and has a cost effective price tag with it as well. What is required is a good amount of legwork before narrowing down on your final choice.
  8. It is wise to ask friends and relatives for certain contacts when going cheap replacement window shopping. You will be surprised to find how many valuable leads you will get just by talking with people you know. Also, you can actually go across and meet with some people and first hand see the windows they have. Not only will it give you a good idea about what to go looking for, you will also get a good feel of the variety available in the market.
  9. Guarantees and warranties is a feature which you should really explore well before you decide on what you want to purchase. It is a good idea to pick up something which carries a guarantee or a warranty with it. This will ensure that valuable money does not go down the drain if the product is not up to the mark.
  10. Search around for times when discounts and sales are offered. These happen like clockwork at certain times of the year. Take full advantage of them.

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