The Credit Card Knife that Fits in Your Wallet

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a James Bond style knife you could fit in your wallet? Now you can! Not only that there is a whole bunch of cool designs on these credit card knives.

The credit card knife is a design of pocket knife that provides the shape and approximate size of a credit card and is thin enough to fit securely in your wallet.
The knives are available as great multi-tools, replacing the need for a pocket knife that feels too bulky in your pocket, but you still want a blade for camping, every-day use, or self-defense.

The design options for credit card knives are quite varied. Let’s look at a couple below.

Credit Card Shaped Folding Blade

The most common style of credit card knife is a folding blade, where the blade pivots about the short edge and the two long edged fold in and clip together to form the handle. They are very attractive, modernistic devices, are the exact shape of a credit card, and easy to pull from your wallet or stow in a breast pocket.

Sliding or Folding Slim Compact Blades

Folding compact blades may not be exactly credit card shaped, but they are designed to be the same comparable size and marketed to fit in a wallet or pocket easily. Some of these designs are a little more robust than the folding card style.

Multi-Tool Credit Card Knife

My personal favorite is the swiss army style credit card multi-tool. There are a range of these available, which basically flatten out some of the features of a swiss army knife into the size of a thick credit card. Some common tools included along with the blade are screwdrivers, pens, tweezers, bottle and can openers.

Some multi-tool credit cards have specialized survival items such as pliers, fishing lines, or emergency whistles, the number of functions some that fit on these devices makes me want to get one just to test it out.

Tomahawk Style Credit Card Axe

For the camping survival types, some styles of credit card knife can be turned into an ax. A tomahawk style credit card knife looks like an ax and can be used for chopping, sharpening, or shoveling among its range of features.

The functions require the blade to be strapped to a stick for effective use, but it’s still very cool for staying compact on a survival tramp.

Credit Card Shaped Blades in a Sheath

The last type of credit card shaped blade available is a small blade-like tool that is shaped like a card, no folding, sliding, or clipping. These tools are just small credit card shaped blades. A cutout forms the handle, and some come with a cover for the blade, incredibly simple.

Often, they have a range of other functions built into the metal, to make them more of a multi-tool, like a bottle opener, screwdriver, and multiple hex-wrenches.

Which Type of Credit Card Knife to Buy?

To buy a credit card knife online is really easy, but make sure you do your research carefully as there are a lot of different qualities of knife available. Which type you choose will depend entirely on your needs, whether you want a decent blade or a useful multi-tool.

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