Tips for a Successful Dental Gum Graft in California

Gum Graft

A dental gum graft in California is a type of oral surgery performed to thicken or support receding gums. It’s a common procedure as gum recession can happen to anyone for any number of reasons, from genetics to brushing too hard.

The surgery itself is painless and relatively quiet, especially when compared to the high-pitched sound of drills and tools used for a basic fillings and dental work. But it does take a bit more self-care and time to heal at home.

Tips For Dental Gum Graft in California

Plan to have a friend or family member drive you.Some periodontists will offer sedation if you’re feeling especially nervous or uncomfortable. Have a family member you to and from the procedure as you may be dizzy from the pain med.

Take along your favorite music.Having music to listen to during the procedure can make all the difference in the world. Having music as a calming distraction can help you to relax.

Avoid acidic foods like citrus or tomato-based dishes.As the area starts to heal, it can sting a little and can get worse if you eat something acidic, like fruit juice or something with tomato sauce. Be sure to watch out for citric acid as it is a common ingredient in prepared foods.

Prepare some soft foods in advance.It’s great to have some soft pre-packaged foods that don’t require much preparation. Prior to your gum graft, pick up a few quick meals that are easy to make, or don’t require any preparation at all. Things like yogurt smoothies, pudding, and even ice cream for a treat. Also, make a pitcher of iced tea the night before and save the tea bags in a storage bag in the refrigerator to use later as a cold compress for your gums.

If you’re looking for ideas on what to eat after a gum graft, here are some suggestions.
Pre-Packaged Foods:
Protein Smoothies
Greek Yogurt
Chilled Overnight Oats
Pudding Cups
Mac and Cheese
Kid’s Organic Fruit Slammers

Homemade Soft Foods:
Scrambled Eggs
Spinach and Kale Pesto with soft (overcooked) pasta
Ham Salad
Egg Salad
Pasta and butter

Plan your surgery for the latter part of the week.Do this so you’ll have the weekend to recover. The first day following the procedure, you’ll feel a little more tired than usual. Within the next couple of days, you’ll be able to talk normally and even get some work done. You might feel more tired than usual since you are eating less. Then ten days after surgery, you’ll return for a post-op visit to have the dressing removed.

If you are scheduled for a dental gum graft in California and have some questions or concerns – or wonder if it could help with your oral issues – call us today to schedule a consultation.

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