What is the best treatment to remove spider veins from the face


There are several kinds of treatment available for doing away with spider veins or the thin red lines or the network of blood vessels.

Actually speaking, spider veins are not harmful, per se. However, they can result in aching or burning sensation. There are different kinds of treatment available to treat this condition.

What is sclerotherapy?
This is a process by which the physician or surgeon injects a chemical into the veins which scar and closes the veins. With this, the blood then gets re-routed towards other and  more healthy veins. Within a duration of a few weeks, the spider veins fade out. However, this treatment may need to be performed more than once. Nonetheless, if done properly, this line procedure is usually successful. No local or general anesthesia is required to be administered for this treatment. There may be a few side effects of the procedure. These are: swelling, itching, and skin color change.

How is laser surgery performed?
Laser surgery is done by thrusting in powerful doses of light into the vein. With time, the vein disappears away. For this, no cuts are required to be made. However, this treatment may not be as effective as sclerotherapy and more so if larger veins are being treated. This also results in some side effects like redness, bruising, itching, swelling and changes in skin color. Blood vessels treated with this procedure may fade out but will not totally disappear. In addition, new spider veins can also come up.

How can spider veins form?

Spider veins, actually speaking, are a minor variant of varicose veins and can be a precursor to them. Exposure to the sun can cause a worsening of this condition. A number of reasons can lead to this condition. These could be heredity; if you working as a nurse, hair stylist or a teacher who needs to stand for a long time while working; during pregnancy, puberty and menopause when there is a fluctuation of hormones; if one is on birth control pills; during postmenopausal hormonal replacement; if one has a history of blood clots, if there is undue pressure in the abdominal area due to tumors, constipation et al. Spider veins can also form if a person has undergone severe trauma of some kind or has had a skin injury or a vein surgery.

It is a fact that varicose and spider veins are more commonly found in women than in men. Also, the chances of their occurrence are more with increasing age. In accordance with available data, it is estimated that about 30 to 60 percent of all adults suffer from a condition of either varicose or spider veins. As per data from the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health, it is reported that about 55 percent of all women have some type of vein issue or another.

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