Important factors to consider before hiring an immigration lawyer attorney in Kitchener

Immigration Lawyer AttorneyWhat are the most important factors to consider before hiring an immigration lawyer attorney in Kitchener? An immigration application is a very important aspect of one’s life, however the prevalence of immigration fraud is a growing concern for individuals seeking immigration lawyer attorneys. Therefore, one should choose an immigration lawyer attorney in Kitchener that is not only competent but trustworthy as well. Firstly, what are the credentials of the immigration lawyer attorney? In order to become a practising lawyer, you first need an undergraduate degree followed by a Juris Doctor (or LLB). Next, the individual must pass the bar exam to obtain a license to practice law.

Ask the immigration lawyer which undergraduate degree program they completed and infer on the law school they attended. Feel free to research both the program and school to ensure they are credible. Another factor to check is the immigration attorney’s standing with the bar associated (i.e. do they have a spotless record or have they acted unethical to a few clients who reported them?). Secondly, it is critical that the lawyer has some experience within the practice of law. For instance, an articling student fresh out of law school will not be able to offer the same quality service and critical thinking as an experienced lawyer with 25 years’ experience.

Immigration law is dealing with very important files and applications, therefore it is advised you hire a lawyer who is not going to make a mistake and delay the immigration process further. Thirdly, which type of immigration law does the attorney specialize in? This question can be asked during the initial consultation meeting. After the immigration lawyer attorney has briefly reviewed the immigration case it would be wise to ask the lawyer if they have ever dealt with similar cases. A sound education and years of experience is one thing, but because immigration law is so diverse a client must be absolutely confident that a lawyer can competently handle their unique immigration case.

Fourthly, how much will the legal fee’s total? Immigration applications take both time and money and in order to ensure all immigration proceedings are completed properly, a skilled immigration lawyer is needed. However, a skillful lawyer costs a pretty penny and it is up to the client’s discretion on how much they can afford. For example, an articling student in a law firm may charge $50-150 per hour, whereas an experienced immigration lawyer may charge $450-650 per hour. Fifthly, what happens once an immigration lawyer attorney is hired? A major step that is crucial in immigration law is active involvement.

Immigrants who are not fluent in the country’s language to which they are planning to move to may face confusion, especially during the immigration legal processes. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that the immigration lawyer is able to properly inform the individuals of the legal processes and ensure they understand what is happening. Canadian immigration services offer a step-by-step guide for the immigration application in specific languages, which can be useful for a lawyer to go through with individuals who may not understand the common language in the new country. After reading this article, you can be confident that you will choose an immigration lawyer attorney in Kitchener that you can trust for this important but often stressful time.

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