Top 6 Reasons to Install Custom Plantation Shutters For Your Windows in Canberra


If you have finally made up your mind on spicing up your window treatments with something that’s low maintenance yet elegant, custom made plantation shutters is definitely what you’d want to go for. These shutters are available in a wide variety of wood stains and colors, making it easy for you to stick to your theme colors.

Why should you consider a plantation shutter installation? Here’s why:

Versatility-fits all window shapes

Plantation shutters can be installed on all windows for a uniformed symmetrical look. This enhances your home appearance even from the outside.

The customization allows the shutters to fit around windows, window walls, and arched windows. This leaves you with the possibility of installing them on every window in your rooms, including the bathroom windows that usually have a unique shape.

Plantation shutters maintain privacy while allowing light into the house

The angle custom made plantation shutters louvers can be adjusted to allow just the right amount of light into a room. When closed, there’s complete privacy and ease of sleeping even during the day as the light is completely blocked.

When in need of a generous amount of light, the louvers can be fully opened or the shutters themselves. The even design on shutters gives you the option of complete privacy by closing the lower portion and allowing some light through the upper portion at the same time.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Unlike cloth drapers, customized plantation shutters do not attract dust and hair. This significantly reduces the possibility of allergic reactions should you have an occupant with such a condition. The wood can easily be dusted s you clean the rest of the house.

Shutters are designed to easily swing or fold open. This enables you to reach every section and gives it a thorough cleaning.

Some models allow remote control

If you are the techy type, remote controlled plantation shutters would interest you. What’s more, they can be programmed to close or open at certain times of the day. You don’t have to worry about opening the lovers every morning or closing them when darkness sets in.

You can also direct the shutters to open and close simultaneously. The lovers can be manually operated, and this happens without the presence of unsightly and unsafe hanging cords like those on traditional blinds.

Climate control

Plantation shutters enhance your comfort while at home During winter, closing them provides additional insulation against chilly drafts. They also keep off harmful UV rays during summer and cool down your home.

The suites are fitted snugly into the openings, hence there’s no light or air seepage once closed. This is a common problem with traditional blinds and cloth drapes.

Aesthetic value

The benefits mentioned above may be enticing, but the main reason for choosing custom made plantation shutters is the classic beauty that they add. Whether opened or closed, the touch of luxury they add cannot go unnoticed.

A home full of custom made plantation shutters have a look that cannot be compared, especially when open during the day. However, if you are still uncertain about doing away with traditional drapes, you can top a decorative valance or add them along with your traditional shutters.

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