Basic Tips You Need to Know About Your Lawn Care Maintenance

Lawn Care

Who doesn’t admire and adore lush green lawns outside one’s home? The lawns which are not just for the beautification of your outdoors but for making memories. No matter who you are, if you do come across a nicely maintained lawn, you would want to take your shoes off and do cartwheels on that lawn. On fresh grass blades and its soothing presence. It rebuilds a whole new energy in you. Giving your garden the basic facilities can work wonders for you. Watering your lawn properly, fertilizing it, and mowing it correctly and regularly can make all the difference in your lawn care routine. We at Emerald Lawn Care provide you with the best lawn care services and facilities, all year round. We derive pleasure from seeing you happy in your lawns that are lush and green and are weed free.

Here are some lawn care tips and basic ideas that you can implement and can take baby steps to finally getting the lush green lawn that you desire.

  • No matter what type of grass or plants you are trying to grow in your lawn, proper soiling is a fundamental step towards having the best luscious lawn you have dreamt of. Know your soil, test it, make sure to know about the pH balance of the soil before you plant your grass seeds into it.
  • Before you can actually sow seeds, you would want to thoroughly clean the whole area by removing all kinds of dirt, stones, and weeds. Regularly mow out weeds and dandelions before they begin to ruin the pH balance of your garden soil and affect other plants as well.
  • Feed your garden plants and soil with necessary amounts of fertilizers that can enhance the health of your garden and your plants. Feed your garden for about four times per year.
  • Make sure that when you are mowing your garden, you mow the top one-thirds of the grass, instead of mowing too low.
  • Having longer grass can save you a lot of time dealing with brown or dry grass. But still, even if you have longer grass blades make sure you water them regularly. Especially the grass areas that are directly in contact with the sunlight. Every week, on an average, 1-1.5 inches of water is needed by every lawn to stay lusciously green.
  • Know what kind of grass suits your area, your garden, and soil type. Make sure you know about all types of grasses, cool season ones, and the warm season ones. If you know nothing about it, then take help of the experts.
  • Make sure that a necessary amount of air reached the roots of your grass and the soil to make it thrive in all possible conditions. If your grass is too thick for the penetration of air inside, then take help of aeration tubes that can work wonders for your lawn.
  • Always remember, simple baby steps can make a major and a magical difference for your lawn care and maintenance activities.

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