Top 10 Benefits of Using a Retainer After Braces

Retainer After Braces

Orthodontic treatme milestone in the life of a childents are a hug. It can make a huge difference to their overall health, throughout their life. The orthodontics can start at the age of either 6 or 7, while the teeth are still in their developments stage. The tissues at this time are in a flexible state and thus, at this stage makes it even easier for children to get the straighter teeth that they deserve. Thus, all kinds of dental issues that one could encounter throughout their lives could be prevented if the problems are addressed at an early age.
Just like braces have the capacity to give your child the healthier looking smile, once they are off, your child’s smiles could get affected. And therefore, the need for retainers arises. Retainers are a common dental prosthetic that can help hold your child’s newly straightened out teeth in place. Apart from this, there are too many benefits. Let’s take a look:

1.  Retainers are like the last phase of your child’s orthodontics treatments. Once the part of braces is over, the teeth could shift back. Thus, to make sure that        teeth remain in the exact same straight spot, the retainers are worn.
2. Retainers are known to prevent potential crowding of teeth later on in life. Even after the teeth of a child have grown properly, they might encounter orthodontics and other dental issues, but because of retainers at an early stage, the overcrowding issues can be prevented.
3. Retainers can help give your child straight teeth and as we all know it, straight teeth mean healthier teeth. The straight teeth are really easy when it comes to cleaning. There are lesser and lesser amounts of plaque buildup, which means that there are fewer chances of acquiring dental issues and cavities.
4. Straight teeth because of wearing retainers can help your child have a correct bite. This means, your child can chew his or her food effectively. And because of this better chewing, they get more nutrition out of their food.
5. Retainers by promoting correct bites and effective chewing do not just help in the maintenance of nutrition of your child. They also help in promoting saliva in your child’s mouth. The production of saliva means that digestive enzymes could be cut down, which would promote less plaque build-up and lesser cavity formation.
6.  If worn correctly, the retainers could not just help your teeth being aligned but can offset the risk of oral diseases. But the benefits are not just limited to oral diseases, but can also benefit our overall health. Having a poor oral health can exaggerate our blood-related issues- diabetes is one of them. Thus, diabetes related issues could be prevented if the retainers are worn correctly, along with maintaining a good overall dental health.
7. Retainers are also known to improve breathing for children. This might a lesser known benefit, but it is true. The problems of breathing and snoring could be prevented at night.
8. Many children have issues with their speech. But with the help of retainers, their tongue placements can be corrected in order for them to speak correctly and enhance their speech and vocabulary.
9. Retainers help to keep your child’s mouth from entirely closing through the night while they sleep. This means that your child would not grind their teeth while they are asleep.
10. Since the grinding of teeth can be prevented because of retainers, your child would experience calmness, no headaches, no jaw pains, and lesser pains around their overall dental and facial aesthetics.

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