Cleveland High Sewer Inspection: When is Sewer Inspection Way to Go?

Sewer Video Inspection

If you have one of those old-world, big mansions for a home, chances are you are already saving up for that big, costly sewer replacement that will inevitably follow. Not only is it inevitable but it also is a fact of life. You cannot ignore it.

The question is, how does one tell if a sewer inspection is needed. It is pretty simple. If you have slow draining in the bathroom and kitchen sinks, that’s one sign you need a sewer inspection. If you hear gurgling noises when you use the toilet or even the shower, or if there is sewage backup in your toilets or kitchen sink it is a sure sign that you needinspection.

If you see an untrimmed patch of wildly growing verdure in your yard, chances are there is a sewer pipe that runs underneath the surface at that spot and it is broken or damaged. If the ground in one spot is soggy, it must be the same kind of problem. Instead of digging up the whole yard, call your plumber to come and do a sewer inspection for you.

How can sewer inspection help?

All you need to do is call your plumber and they will come to your home and do a sewer inspection for you. The method is simple. A special camera is attached to a plumbing snake and it is sent into the sewage system of your house. This can be done through any point of entry. It could be the toilet, a drain or a cleanout. It is basically done to diagnose the problem with the sewage system.

Understanding the process

The camera feeds what it sees back to the monitor of your plumber’s machine, live. This is a convenient and hassle free way of telling where the problem lies. As the camera watches the sewage pipe, it doesn’t take long for it to spot the faulty spot. This is also a cost effective way to diagnose sewage problems.

Say goodbye to the old days of working through the whole sewage pipe till miraculously spotting the problem. The sewer inspection by video method not only helps fix existing problems but also helps in assessing the health of the sewage pipes in your house. This enable you plumber to tell you how best to clean and maintain these pipes. As they say, and quite rightly too, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Hitting on the exact spot where the problem lies will save you money and will save your plumber trouble. Your yard, garage, or deck will not be destroyed by unnecessary digging up. What’s more, it will not take hours to either inspect the sewage pipe or to fix the problem. Also, you will not be swindled. If you have got a quote from a plumber and think it is too high, call another for a sewer inspection. It is the same as asking for a second opinion from a doctor when you fall ill.

If you follow these simple tips, you will ensure that you don’t have to worry about sewer lines in your Cleveland home.

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