A Runup of Good Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A Runup of Good Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh in Saudi Arabia offers a good scope for education for children. However, the state run schools are not open for admission to the expat community. They cater only to the local populace and to the naturalized Arabs. There are a number of private international schools too which offer admission to the expatriate class of people.

However, the fee structure in these tends to be on the higher side. For instance in The Advanced Learning Schools, the annual fees is in the region of 55,000 SAR. In Saud International School, it is said to be between 26,000 to 29,000 SAR per year, depending on the class. In the American International School, the amount to be given yearly is reported as hinging between 33,353 to 83,714 SAR.

The education pattern of the international schools could be British, American, German, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Japanese and the like. It could also be a multi-cultural setting which caters to a variety of countries at one go. As far as the board is concerned, teaching could be based on the International Baccalaureate manner, local board system, or the British or American methodologies. For those Indians who wish to remain connected with the Central Board of Secondary Education of India, one can even find a smattering of CBSE schools in Riyadh.

A good range of extra-curricular activities such as chess and robotics is offered in some of the schools. Even the classroom strength of most schools is controlled and the teacher is not besieged by the number of students he or she has to take charge of at any given time. Most schools also have a well-equipped library with several hundreds and at times even thousands of volumes of good books in it. Computer laboratories, too, are a common enough feature in schools in Riyadh. One factor to keep in mind is that one faces traffic issues in Riyadh at times. Hence, it is more advisable to put your ward in a school which is not too far away from the place of residence.

Some of the topnotch schools in Riyadh are the King Abdul Aziz International School; Ecole Francaise de Riyad; Al Yasmin International School; Al Rowad International Schools; Abduazziz International School; British International School; Al Safa Private School; Al Shams Private School for boys; Al Resalah International Schools; Al Khaleej Private School for boys, Al Manarat Private School; Al Jeel Private School; Al Huda Private School for Girls; Al Hidayah Private School for Girls; Al Hejaz Private Boys School; Al Faleh Private School.

Some of the other schools in this city are: the Al Ebtikariyah Schools, Al Andalus National School; Al Amjad National Schools; Al Abeer National Schools; Ahad National Schools; Aberr Charity Society; Aahed National School; and the Al Alameen International School.

Education is a highly prized commodity in any given city. It is so even in Riyadh. Hence, one finds schools catering to all classes of people here. One can be assured of good quality studies in several schools in this Saudi Arabian city.

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