What Is Sewer Video Inspection for Municipal Sewers in West Chester?

Sewer Video Inspection

Progress has allowed us many things, but its main purpose is to minimize costs for large opportunities. This principle pursues the implementation of sewage video diagnostics on various objects.

What is sewer video in a broad sense?

This type of video diagnoses sewerage, pipelines, wells and other hidden places and is able to pinpoint problem areas and allow fixing the problem locally. You can use it to monitor the degree of wear of communications.

What are the kinds of video diagnostics systems for video inspection?

However, before buying video diagnostics system, one should identify the problem clearly, as there are different classes which differ not only in performance, but also greatly in price. For example, micro series is designed for Video diagnostics of mines, sewers with a diameter greater than the diameter of the chamber.

Typically, video cameras of this type range from 9.5 to 30 mm, and the monitor is integrated together with the camera. The models of this type can be as simple as ICs additional features, such as sound recording, LED lighting and digital zoom.

Full-size equipment of series SeeSnake and drum-type system is the camera for Video diagnostics of sewage in such a system has an increased viewing angle, built-in lighting and self-levelling. They are intended for use in pipes with diameter up to 150 mm, and at a depth of 61 meters.

The camera provides for joint work with external monitors with the minimum size of 5 inches. It is also possible to use a number of tools and various devices for centring and transport systems, video diagnostics of pipelines, wells and other hidden places. The cameras are equipped with the wheels for their better promotion within the duct or shaft walls.

What should you know before buying video equipment?

Before you purchase a video diagnostics facilities, you should consult the engineers of objects that will be subjected to video inspection. They will help to make the best technical specification for complex diagnostics.

The equipment for wells, pipes and other hard to reach places are presented in a wide scope in municipal stores. Here you will choose the best option according to your needs and abilities. One should pay special attention to the quality of sewer equipment and its productivity.

A lot of municipal sewers in West Chester specialize in cured-in-place lateral rehabilitation. As a rule, they are infrastructure rehabilitation specialists with much of industry experience and corresponding education.

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