Software It Asset Management Essentials



Learning on software IT asset management for a foundation enables one to know how to manage the assets through all the stages of its lifecycle. In this course, candidates learn on the techniques and processes and understand on the inter-dependencies with the other IT Management Services and Cyber Security Risk Assessment. The course is aimed to anyone who is working on IT.He/she needs to have an experience of 2 years and should be involved in software procurement and also management. The course has no entry requirements, but training with BCS training provider is recommended and the candidates need to be aware of the IT terminologies and its concepts.

The examinations have 3 formats i.e.; the one hour closed book, the 40 choice questions that are multiple and also the 65% pass mark.The examination can be taken by anybody and it consists of questions that are simple and one need to apply the experience that he has. It is on ITIL which is standard on the management of software assets and the questions are all based on the framework ITIL through the revision and the examination. The certificate in SAME is considered a requirement that can aid you in going through any professional within the software asset management sector. Majority of SAM jobs have this essential requirement as a qualification.

On the training, several vendors wish to attend the course before they attempt the examination. Many take the examination after reading books and pass the requirement. For a SAM/TTAM professional who is active, you need to apply for this. For the beginners on SAM, you need to possibly attend the training course. There are no materials provided in the examination but you book the examination and then find the materials that will help you in your revision.



The course is accredited by BCS and covers SAM processes and it addresses a subject which is complex in the management of the software assets from the business need which is initiated to the SAM lifecycle to the retirement stage. This also covers the interdependence between the principles in the IT management service and SAM.It provides the delegates with an overview which is complex and it is of great help to seasoned practitioners since it has a structure which is unique.

The delegates will learn on the description of the objectives and the major activities that are required in SAM implementation. They will also learn about the use the techniques of SAM and the processes. The following are some of the objectives in the IT management course;

1. Description of the objectives and the activities that are required I SAM implementation within any organization.

2. Indicating how possible the improvements can be made.
3. Preparation and distribution of SAM reports and plans through the organization.
4. Making efficient use of license on software within the organization and defining produce and analyze and also metrics and measurement.
5. Understanding the software ownership impact legal risks and noncompliance.

The course is beneficial to anyone involved or who is about to be involved in the process of SAM i.e. information technology managers, IT auditors and the officers on the software compliance.

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